Even if it’s just a virtual space, it doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen on a computer as well. A common one is to delete files you need, and later on realize they’re no longer in the Recycle Bin to easily recover them. Luckily, the solution comes in the form of specialized applications like Optimum Data Recovery for NTFS Formatted.

Once the application gets installed on your system, you’re free to run it and check out the set of features. On the visual side of things, everything is wrapped around a classic window design, with a side navigation panel, details in the rest of the space, as well as an upper toolbar fitted with most controls you need and use.

As the name suggests, the application is only capable of scanning and recovering files from NTFS systems, so if you’ve lost data on a FAT drive, you might want to start looking for alternatives. Detected supported drives are instantly shown in the navigation panel, but nothing more until the scan process is finished.

At the press of a button, the application starts snooping through core sectors of the selected drive, in an attempt to reveal and hopefully restore the files you’re looking for. It can take some time for the scan process to finish, but this mostly depends on the size of the selected drive.

Once revealed, folders are displayed in a tree list view, with the possibility to expand, and select them to have content shown in greater detail, with several options for viewing, such as small or big icons, and a list. Navigation can also be done by manually writing down a specific path in the address field.

Unfortunately, there’s no built-in search engine to help you look for specific files, so identification can take some time. Neither can you find any possibility to filter according to size, type, date, or any other criteria.

If you happen to actually find the files you’re looking for, pressing recover gets you even closer to the finish line. Given the files aren’t too large, the recovery process only lasts a few seconds, saving selected files to a custom directory.

All in all, Optimum Data Recovery for NTFS Formatted is a practical application that attempts, and most of the time finds files that were either accidentally removed, or got lost in a format process. However, it leaves a bit more to be desired, only capable of scanning a single type of file system, while the lack of a built-in search engine can be a real pain.