It is never a bad idea to keep your data stored in multiple places. Evidently, it is necessary to make sure the databases are updated at all times, a task that might be a bit tedious. An application such as Oracle-MySQL Sync makes it all easier by automatically running the synchronization between Oracle and MySQL databases without you having to migrate data and perform backups manually.

One of the perks of the application is its wizard-based approach, which enables you to carry out database synchronization without a lot of hassle. In just a few steps, with just a few clicks, selected tables in the two databases can be synced. As a plus, the application allows incremental synchronization after the initial sync, which saves you both time and effort.

It is worth noting that, despite its name, Oracle-MySQL Sync allows two-way synchronization. In other words, you can select either Oracle or MySQL as the source or the destination of the synchronization process.

After selecting the synchronization mode, you can proceed to the first step of the wizard. At this point, you must enter the name of the database server and the connection credentials. For Oracle, you are required to provide the server’s IP or the network name, the name of the database, the port and the username and password. When using MySQL as the source, you must provide the authorization settings and, if a remote connection is selected, enter the host name and the port number.

The next steps require you to choose the name of the database you want to synchronize. It is recommended to perform full synchronization at first run and incremental synchronizations afterwards. Next, you are prompted to select the tables you wish to sync and that is it.

Due to its wizard-based interface, Oracle-MySQL Sync is extremely intuitive. It can perform bi-directional synchronization between Oracle and MySQL and it allows incremental synchronizations, which makes the database synchronization much easier and faster.