In the business environment, missing an important meeting can mean the failure of an entire business venture. As such, digital organizers or reminders are very important tools for managers and all other top officials. For such users, OrgScheduler can provide an adequate solution for managing multiple upcoming activities, such as project meetings or recurrent tasks.

Users can define a wide range of upcoming events and one can also synchronize items with Microsoft Outlook; information can also be imported from the Office program, as well as from iCalendar. If opting for manually defining events, users can add customized entries of any nature, complete with location and time information.

A notable feature is the ability to use color codes to distinguish between items quickly. Reminders can also be defined and, if properly configured, the tool can also send email notifications. Recurrent tasks are also supported and the comprehensive built-n algorithms cater to most possible combinations.

A few auxiliary tools can be employed to improve one's results, such as fully searchable contacts or events lists. Per week, month and even year entries breakdowns can also be viewed and both vertical and horizontal timeline displays are supported.

Location-specific holidays can be defined, thus avoiding any incompatibility issues and one can backup or restore the database at any point to prevent data loss. Also noteworthy is the program's ability to export all or selected recorded data to several formats, including XLS and XLSX files, as well as TXTs or HTMLs.

Summing up, OrgScheduler is a practical tool for anyone faced with a busy day-to-day schedule. The organizer allows one to keep track of all upcoming events and reminders can also be defined to ensure items are not missed.