The Original CD Emulator helps you rip CDs to hard disk or to networkimages, and to create a Virtual CD on your computer to access those images. It works like a real CD-ROM: You can run programs, play games, or listen to music from your Virtual CD-ROM. Because it is launched from your hard disk, it's fast! So forget your CDs - thanks to this CD copying software, it's all on your hard disk. Just click once and the CD will appear.

The Original CD Emulator is also an ISO image extractor. It can directly access your ISO image, allowing you to see what is in the ISO image before you burn it. If don't need to burn it, simply run the program you want from the Virtual CD-ROM, or just extract what you need. It's fast and easy.

You can convert CD images created by other CD-RW programs to standard ISO images. The Original CD Emulator can recognize most images created by other CD-RW programs. Select the CD Burner and ISO image, then rip it. It's so easy, anyone can do it!

Here are some key features of "Original CD Emulator Network Edition":

■ Support Audio CD, Data CD, Game CD and DVD.

■ Reads directly from a hard disk or network image.

■ Allows up to 21 Virtual CD.

■ Running from a CD Burner is faster than from physical media.

■ Converts from CD/DVD to ISO image, or from ISO to CD/DVD.

■ Supports images created by other CD-RW programs.

■ Converts from a CD image to a standard ISO image.

■ Burn CD image onto CDR/CDRW.


■ 60 days trial