OurUSB is a cloud-based data storage system that features built-in chatting functions, enabling members of a team to stay in touch and communicate while working on a project. It is available for both desktop (PC and Mac OS) and mobile platforms (iOS and Android), which makes it a flexible and versatile file sharing tool.

OurUSB is similar in many ways to other cloud sharing solutions, offering a desktop client to manage the personal account, view files in the cloud and download them on the local computer, tablet or phone. What's more, it features Dropbox integration, allowing quick file sharing and data migration.

You can easily upload new files to your cloud account using simple drag and drop actions, organize items into different folders, delete, move or rename files, and create a 'Favorites' area containing the ones you use most frequently. With just a few clicks, cloud content can be downloaded locally or sent via email using the default client.

What sets OurUSB apart from other cloud storage services is its social networking options. To be more specific, it enables users to send friend requests, create groups of people, engage in conversations, and share files altogether.

Each group member can create notes that are visible to all the others, with options to 'like' the note and post new comments with attached files. This only facilitates communication and opinion exchange between those involved, enhancing productivity while working on a project.

OurUSB brings together a file sharing tool and a chatting application, enabling users to build collaborative groups that can work as a team, even if they are miles apart. It encourages feedback and communication while providing a simple means of backing up data and sharing files.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, working with OurUSB is easy. It runs in the system tray, only displaying notifications in case of an important event, so it doesn't interfere with your work, but you can launch its GUI with just a click.