Outlook-Android Sync is a stripped-down and practical piece of software designed to make it as easy as possible for you to sync your Outlook contacts and calendar entries with your Android devices.

The first thing you should know about this app is the fact that it can synchronize your calendar and contacts data both ways, only from Outlook to your Android phone or vice-versa.

Secondly, the utility can very well be considered versatile since it makes it possible for you to synchronize your data via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular network (3G, 4G and so forth), as well as via USB cable.

As you may have already gathered just by reading its name, the app requires Microsoft Outlook to be installed on your system. Subsequent to its installation, you are met by a useful wizard that takes you a step-by-step synchronization tour.

Regardless of you choosing to go with the wizard or to manually set up the app, you eventually get a glimpse of the overly-simplistic and compact main window that enables you to choose the source and the synchronization options.

This would be a good time to point out that the utility's interface is not what you would call eye catching. In fact, the utility feels too simple most of the time. For example, it does not offer you any kind of reading regarding your Android device, no details, not even an estimation of the available free space.

But the good news is that the app partly makes up for this drawback by enabling you to choose which Android account to sync Outlook information with.

In addition, you should also know that Outlook-Android Sync can perform mirror synchronization between Outlook and your Android device. This means that, for example, typical Android calendar and contacts can keep their categories and even their colors when synchronized.

All in all, while it may not be a looker, Outlook-Android Sync is certainly more of a doer. With its simple interface, straightforward workflow and its somewhat limited functionality to only transferring calendar and contacts from Outlook to Android and vice-versa, it clearly does not impress.

But it is its simplicity that might make it appealing for certain groups of users who do not need to transfer massive PST files with all their content from Outlook to their Android devices, but simply their contacts and calendars.