Considering it is improved on a yearly basis, Outlook has grown to be more than just an email client, as it provides users with all the needed utilities for managing their tasks as well as their contacts.

However, to ensure that the data you enter within Outlook does not contain duplicate entries, you can rely on a dedicated application to regularly clean it, such as Outlook Duplicate Contact Remover.

The application runs smoothly on all computers where Outlook has been previously installed, and you only need to choose the folder you want to analyze for duplicate contacts.

If you are not pleased with the results, you can fine-tune the scanning process to your liking, by selecting the fields that should be examined by the app, such as the email address, attachments, name, fax number, creation time or conversation topic.

Once the dupes have been identified, you get the possibility to preview the items within the main window of Outlook Duplicate Contact Remover or you can double-click a record if you want to explore it within Outlook.

When it comes to cleaning the duplicate data, you get complete control over the Outlook contacts that will be processed.

More precisely, you can set the app to directly delete the marked contacts, to move them to another pre-defined folder or to add a prefix to their name.

Alternatively, you can also choose to first merge the information from the duplicate contact with the original one, and only afterwards erase it (this way, you make sure that no data is lost).

All in all, Outlook Duplicate Contact Remover can prove a reliable solution for all those who want to quickly erase the duplicate contacts from their Outlook client, even if they are not experienced users.