In order to manage your Outlook emails efficiently and easily, you need to regularly remove all duplicate entries. If you receive a lot of messages on a daily basis, this task can prove quite time-consuming so a dedicated application, such as Outlook Duplicate Email Remover, can come in handy.

The installation process completes without any issues, as the only requirement is Microsoft Outlook that needs to be installed on your PC before running this app.

When you want to locate any duplicate entries, you first need to select the source folder you want to analyze, be it the Inbox, the Draft folder or the Outbox.

The results are promptly displayed, so you can explore them and choose the ones you want to delete (if you are unsure about removing any of them, you can double-click an item so as to open the message in Outlook and read it).

In order to make sure that the result list contains all the items that you are interested in, you can finetune the duplicate scanning process to your liking.

More precisely, you can choose the email fields that need to be examined while looking for a dupe, such as the subject, body, attachment, CC, BCC, sender name, conversation index or topic.

Additionally, you can customize the rules used for removing the detected duplicates - in other words, you can rely on the app to mark as clone the oldest items according to the last modification date or creation time.

Outlook Duplicate Email Remover allows you to send all marked files to the Recycle Bin or to a chosen folder, if you want to analyze them more thoroughly at a later time.

All in all, the application can be of great use to all those who want to quickly clean up their Outlook folders by removing all duplicate messages.