Outlook Express Backup can move your Outlook Express settings to another PC.

Are you transferring your e-mail settings to another computer? Using Outlook Express backup, you can easily move your mail settings to another PC. Simply perform a backup on your old PC and restore your backup on the new computer.

Backup Outlook Express 2007 will store all of your Outlook Express information in a single compressed file for maximum use of space and easy restoration.

Worried about your folders going corrupt? Outlook Express Backup 2007 also offers the ability to store several versions of backups on your source. To avoid filling up your destination, Outlook Express Backup 2007 automated backup task automatically prunes old backup jobs depending on your settings.

Automatically backup using your e-mail on a daily or weekly or monthly schedule. Outlook Express Backup 2007 is integrated with Windows Task Scheduler, which minimizes the impact on your computers memory. By using the task scheduler, Outlook Express Backup 2007 is not resident in your computers memory except when backing up or the user interface is in use.


· Outlook Express 5.0 or higher

· 128MB RAM

· 1GB Free Disk space (+space for backup jobs)


· demo version will backup only your settings and sent items folder