Oven Fresh MailTo Link Wizard will allow you to create professional email mailto links for your web site in no time at all. All you do is fill in a simple form and the code is generated for you.

If you wish, you can preview your mailto link before you put it on your web site. You can create Carbon Copy, Blind Carbon Copy, Subject, Body, and Link Text email mailto options all in one easy step.

Tired of spending your time making the email mailto links you need? You'll discover how easy it is with Mailto Maker.

Most of us have email inboxes loaded with messages; some spam, some useful. Wouldn't it be great if you could easily separate feedback from your Web site visitors from all your other email? You can, with Mailto Maker.

If you've had your site up for a while, you've probably been found by email spiders. Suddenly, you're bombarded with unsolicited offers. You really need a way to categorize and rank your web site messages so you can respond to the most critical requests first.

That's easier said than done. Even legitimate email messages often contain rather oblique text in the subject line. The subject "Need your help!" could be from a customer who's lost his password. But it's also just as likely to be from someone hoping to sell you real estate in the desert.

For example, for extra clarity and control, you can give each Mailto Maker link on your site its own subject description, depending on the context of the surrounding text on your web page.

When a viewer clicks on the link, their email client opens and inserts your email address into the To: section. And that's not all.

The more information you give Mailto Maker, the easier it is to categorize email messages when they arrive.

For example, when visitors click on an email link and open their own mail client, they will see the address, subject, and body information already filled in by Mailto Maker.

The information you include there gets transmitted along with the form data, giving you more control and allowing your visitor to spend less time preparing and sending their email message to you.

Viewers expect your site to function correctly. When they need help, they want it quickly, even if you have a hundred other messages that also need immediate attention.

You could lose customers if you take too long to reply to urgent requests and problems. Mailto Maker will save you time by helping you quickly identify important emails.