Pack It! is an application that offers a revolutionary way to keep your files organized and safe.

Here are some key features of "Pack It":

■ Organize your most important files without moving them to different folders!

■ Open these files quickly and easily using a Start Menu-like menu in the Tool Tray

■ Protect these files as Pack It! automatically creates a compressed back-up version

■ Copy all the files in a package to another computer by simply copying the package!

■ Add files by simply dragging-and-dropping them into the Packager Window or by using the Windows Send To command

■ Copy the files by dragging them from the Packager Window and dropping them to another location!

■ Import ZIP files as packages, and export packages to ZIP files for everyone else to use!

■ Customize Pack It's interface to create your own perfect environment!

■ Find the help you need in one mouse click with Pack It's excellent context-sensitive help

■ Visit the online technical support forum to post questions and ideas for additional features


■ 30 days trial.