Developing video games is by far one of the most enticing jobs an individual could have. Aside from being able to express your imagination in a pseudo-real manner, you also have the choice of creating unique and exciting visuals for a world of your liking. With Packo, loading up the textures in that virtual world just got a bit easier, because what this app does is pack multiple textures into one, making these more accessible when sought by your created program.

Packo is an application that won't appeal to most, seeing as not everybody is interested in game designing. For those interested in creating textures that load faster, this will prove to be the best choice. The process of joining together your textures is just as easy. Simply add the files you want to have joined together, decide on the output location, and create your product. An XML file containing the data for your texture atlas or sprite sheet will be generated. This way, the program you'll be using the resulting creation with, will know how to use those joined textures.

As far as saving your work is concerned, it's as simple as clicking one button. Save your resulting texture either as a JPG or PNG file, and swiftly integrate it with your project. Your game assets will be more easily loaded, and as a result, will turn your final product into something more enjoyable. As far as this tool is concerned, it works without any glitches or hitches. It's easy to use, and it provides more functionality for your game products. It's true that this product is aimed at a specific niche group of users, but to them, this software will definitely bring much-needed help.

Packo is a simple application designed to help game creators load game asset textures faster. Aside from this, there really isn't much you could do with this program unless you find a use for a texture packer that binds two or more texture files together. While it's useful, the group it's aimed for will always remain considerably small, and together with it, the app's footprint. Nevertheless, the application works well and delivers exactly what it advertises.