Instant messaging applications are not only used at home, or simply to get in touch with friends and family. These can provide a great deal of aid in businesses, by enhancing communication. When it comes to Skype, one of most popular IM apps out there, Pamela for Skype Basic Version acts like a personal assistant to keep track of everything you do and take action when you can't.

Needless to say that in order for the application to properly function you need to have Skype installed on your computer. Once you're connected, the application can be launched and you can start configuring it, depending with what you need help.

First of all, the application can automatically record and save all your activities on Skype, be them text messages, video or voice conversations. A side panel lets you access recording groups, like voice mail, Skype or custom recordings, as well a birthday calendar.

You get to spend some time in the options menu in order to make the application your personal assistant. It can be used to automatically respond to a message while you're away from desktop, both for text and voice messages. Don't think of anything too complex, because the response is merely a custom message you set.

In addition, the upper toolbar is equipped with several utilities such as emoticon player, autoconf editor, rich mood editor and a few more. They provide a little more variety, with the possibility to have Skype automatically invite specific contacts in a conference if a call was made from or to specific entries in your buddies list.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Pamela for Skype Basic Version is packed with a lot of potential, helping you automate several info gathering tasks. It takes a little while to get it properly configured, but once this is done, it becomes a personal assistant you might consider keeping around if you use Skype more than your mobile phone.