If you are a meticulous user who resorts to Skype for professional reasons, having close at hand a software solution that can manage your calls, chat history, and birthdays may make a difference.

Pamela for Skype Business Version is a program that takes it upon itself to provide you with full control over your interaction with Skype, helping you better communicate with partners.

First things first, it is worth mentioning that the program is packed in a user-friendly GUI that lets you analyze the way you connect with friends on Skype. And since we have touched upon this subject, you also need to know that the user interface is clutter-free and lets you easily inspect and interpret Skype-related data in the panel on the left.

As for precisely how the program can be useful to you, it must be said that it can handle your voice mails as well as Skype recording so that you easily access them at any subsequent point.

Besides, it lets you create custom recordings, either audio or video while also putting at your disposal a handy “Rich Mood Editor,” which helps you edit your Skype status. Then, “Emotion Player” is there as well so that you play all sorts of sounds during your calls whereas an “AutoConf Editor” helps you manage your conferences.

What’s more, the application is capable of scheduling Skype calls for you, with the possibility of setting reminders and alarms as well as taking notes in order to have a comprehensive experience.

Other than that, your chat history and the calendar comprising your list of birthdays make a welcome addition to the app since they prevent you from missing out important events.

You may also create automatic replies and greeting messages, change your Skype status and mood depending on whether or not you are in a call.

Indicating the output location where you want the recordings to be saved to is possible, as is the case with choosing whether you want the program to ask for permission before saving your calls.

On an ending note, Pamela for Skype Business Version is a powerful Skype companion that can record your calls and manage your chat history while also helping you tweak an answering machine and more. It opens the door to a resourceful customization experience, helping Skype fans being more productive in the long term.