Despite what many people seem to believe, a child’s education does not start in school or kindergarten, as children probably learn more about the world in their first few years than they do after they begin the first grade.

If you want to help them out, you can try an application like Panda Preschool Activities. It is specially designed with preschool children in mind, and it offers a number of fun educational exercises for them to complete.

Young children can often surprise you with how quickly they grasp various concepts, which is why it is important to ensure the tests you put before them are suitable for their skill level.

Thankfully, Panda Preschool Activities splits the available exercises into two categories, so you can choose the ones you feel are appropriate. The menus are very simple, so your child should be able to navigate them without any adult supervision.

It is easy for kids to get discouraged when they cannot find a solution to a certain problem, especially if is presented to them in a simplistic form that is not likely to grab their attention.

However, the games included in Panda Preschool Activities are not terribly difficult, and the colorful graphics should keep your children interested for a while. Additionally, voice recordings provide constant encouragements and congratulate the user when the correct answer is offered.

Moreover, users are awarded stickers when a certain number of lessons have been completed.

While the animated panda might seem a bit silly to an adult, it is just the thing you need to capture a young child’s attention. The graphics are certainly colorful, and the simple animations make each exercise that little bit more interesting.

On the whole, Panda Preschool Activities is an entertaining educational application that enables preschool children to learn about colors, shapes, letters, numbers, words and various other concepts by completing a series of fun exercises.