Generally speaking, in spite of the numerous tools and books that attempt to help parents teach their children Mathematics, few things raise up the results you can get via real-life, hands-on experience.

Panda Preschool Math is a piece of software designed to provide a versatile and entertaining environment for parents who are trying to help their children learn Mathematics while playing little games.

The setup is effortless, fast and does not require any special attention from your part. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a vividly colored interface that features a Panda character, which is going to act as a guide while you are using the application.

Although overall attractive, you should know that the program does not include menus or navigation. You can start the game or Math lesson by double clicking anywhere on the UI. It would have been nice if the tool included some filters so that you can select the difficulty level for the questions or games that you want to practice with your child.

The application is specially designed for children ages 3 -5 who are undergoing kindergarten, as the utility includes a plethora of educational games that vary in difficulty. Therefore, while very young children can get a kick out of recognizing numbers and shapes, older toddlers can test their knowledge by doing basic additions or subtractions.

You will be happy to learn that the utility features unlimited and diversified play so that you can stop or continue for as long as you want. In case your child is too small to learn the Mathematical operations, then you can skip to the next question effortlessly. You can proceed to the next game, by hitting the Forward arrow, as each game flows seamlessly right into the next.

In the eventuality that you are having a hard time grabbing your children's attention when performing various educational activities that can prepare them for elementary school, then perhaps Panda Preschool Math can come in handy.