Pantherbar is a clever application developed to ease the use of text-related actions and speed up the processes that usually take more time and steps to complete. Pantherbar comes with several default extensions, but you can add new ones on the way, depending on your needs.

The app is ready to display the toolbar after it has been installed, but the default extensions might not be what you were looking for. To edit the extensions you have to access the app’s settings. This can be done by clicking on the panther icon from within the system tray.

After you find the extension menu you can start configuring Pantherbar. The default ones are going to be all active but you can change that by deactivating them, which causes the bar to hide the unwanted ones.

To add new items you have to look for the Download Extension button, which redirects to a page that contains all the available extensions. From there you can preview, download and install whatever tool you find suitable for your work.

Moving down the settings list we’ll find the Paste Actions segment. A paste option is represented by any text line that can be instantly inserted wherever you need. For example, if you have a URL that you share on a daily basis, you can set it as a paste option in order to avoid copying it every time you send it.

Concerning the Exclusions feature, here you can add all the applications you want to be unaffected by Pantherbar. In short, if you don’t want the shortcuts bar to pop up when using a certain service, just add it to the exclusion list.

Pantherbar has several more features, but they are not as important as the already mentioned ones. If you are moving down the settings list, you can surely notice the Appearance and Hotkeys menus. From within the Appearance tab, you can hide the tray icon or modify the bar size. Furthermore, you can change the color of the theme and the color of the toolbar.

As for the hotkeys, you can set up three combinations that will enable/disable the app, switch to paste actions or invoke the bar with clipboard text. After several tests, we’ve figured out that the hotkeys are not really needed, but maybe an advanced operator will find a better use for them.