Papyrus is a powerful application that provides word-processing with everything you need.

· Papyrus OFFICE offers integrated word-processing (Papyrus WORD) with a powerful database (Papyrus BASE). Database forms and generated reports are Papyrus WORD documents, and can be re-formatted with ease.

· Similarly, form letters can be generated by combining a Papyrus WORD document with a Papyrus BASE database. This technique also permits automated literature indices for bibliographies.

· Concise and efficient coding leaves Papyrus plenty of resources to manage huge documents (with thousands of pages!) and equally large numbers of embedded graphics, without requiring an over-dimensioned system.

· Discontinuous text marks: with Papyrus, you can mark multiple (separate) regions in your document. With this feature, you can make parallel changes to separate regions all at once. You can even use "drag & drop" with discontinuous blocks.

· Our full-text database search engine provides immediate results to a query, narrowing the answer with each change to the expression (even as you type each letter).

· The "phonetic search" option gives you the ability to find names or other text in a database, even if you aren't sure of the correct spelling.

· Non-modal dialogs: unlike most programs, Papyrus dialogs are "non-modal", meaning that the dialog does not need to be "closed" before you return to your text. Feel free to leave a frequently-used dialog open and ready for use while you continue to type. This also makes it possible to switch back and forth between dialogs when changing formatting or settings.

· Papyrus BASE uses a reliable and robust XML-format to store data, allowing multiple (networked) users to operate on (and change) a single database all at the same time.

· Papyrus OFFICE is a self-contained executable, permitting it to run even from (fast) removable media (such as USB-memory sticks).