PAR2Creator is a somewhat peculiar piece of software that provides you with the possibility of quickly backing up your data by creating recovery volume files.

To start protecting your data, just download PAR2Creator, unzip its package, and launch it using the designated executable file. It's worth highlighting the fact that this application requires the presence of .NET Framework 4.0 or newer.

The application sports a fairly straightforward GUI, hence, getting to grips with its the provided features shouldn't be much of a challenge even for newcomers.

Start off by adding files or folders into the list, either by using the controls from the upper toolbar or with the help of intuitive drag and drop gestures, and click the "Create!" button from the upper left side of the main window.

This action instantly creates recovery volumes for each added file, including the ones within any added folders (you can view them by right-clicking the file and by selecting the PAR2 Trial Creations option).

Make your way to the Settings section, and you're provided with a plethora of configuration options. For example, from the Main tab, you can change options regarding the GUI, as well as the CPU and memory usage.

From the first recovery tab, you can toggle between three recovery options, namely by number of blocks, by percentage rate, or by fitting to media size. The second Recovery tab provides you with the possibility of excluding files by extension or even by name when creation your recovery volume files. Additionally, you can set the output directory for the recovery files.

All in all, PAR2Creator is a fairly interesting backup and recovery solution that can help you ensure that your important data doesn't get lost or damaged by accident. It may be fairly straightforward, but considering its multiple customization features, it might turn out to be best suited for more advanced users rather than novices who, in turn, might prefer more accessible solution out there.

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