Paraben's Surf-Jolt is yet another way to speed things up. Unlike I-Jolt, which increases your Internet throughput, Surf-jolt will help by speeding up your everyday web browsing.

How? It's quite simple really, Surf-Jolt looks for links on the page you are on and starts to download the pages you can go to from where you are at.

So, after you read one page and click the next, your computer already has it downloaded. Isn't saving time nice?

Here are some key features of "Paraben s Surf Jolt":

■ Full integration with Internet Explorer®

■ Integrated cache with Internet Explorer® so it doesn't waste disk space

■ Effecient and effective method of anticipating and retrieving hyperlinks before your browser needs to display them.

■ Drag & Drop links to download while your surfing

■ Auto-setting on Internet Explorer® and WinInet® cache and proxy settings.

■ Auto-tuning on Internet Explorer® and WinInet® parameters.

■ Cache up to 50 pages simultaneously

■ Caches every type of web content, including html, images, Java® applets,

■ Specifically designed for Internet Explorer® 4/5/6 on Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP

■ Works automatically "behind the scene" without user interaction.


■ limited number of uses