Messages you send over the Internet can be easily intercepted and read without authorization. That is the reason why extra careful users choose to encrypt them before sending. As its name implies, Paranoia Text Encryption is a simple utility that enables you to encipher text pieces, making them unreadable by the human eye.

Designed with ease of use in mind, this application features a straightforward look, deploying a simple interface comprising a minimalistic set of options. There are two main panes where the input and the output text are displayed.

To encrypt a text, all you have to do is paste or manually type it in the upper pane, select the desired algorithm from the drop-down list, enter the password and press the 'Encrypt' button. You will immediately notice scrambled letters appearing in the lower pane.

Paranoia Text Encryption comes with support for several encryption algorithms, including AES, RC6, Serpent, Blowfish, Twofish, GOST28147, all with a 256 bit encryption key. A stronger encryption can be obtained by choosing the Blowfish algorithm with a 448 bit key.

Decrypting a text piece is done in a similar manner, with a single difference, namely that you don't have to select the algorithm anymore, since the application automatically detects it. You must paste the text in the lower pane, enter the password and press the 'Decrypt' button to view the readable version of the text.

With a simple interface and clear options, Paranoia Text Encryption makes it easy for you to turn your texts and messages into unreadable scrambled letter sequences that can only by decrypted if the correct password is provided. You can use it in various situations to protect your privacy, for instance when communicating with others via instant messaging applications.