Computers are often used for storing all sort of information and data easily and in an accessible place. Unfortunately, data can be lost quite easily, especially if you don't make a habit out of backing up your important files.

One application that could help you recover partitions is Partition Recovery. It's a neat software solution that has all the tools you need in order to recover your information.

The application installs quickly and it sport a really intuitive and straightforward graphical interface with multiple tools that you can check out.

It has lots of tips and instructions, to make it easier to get yourself familiarized with the features that this application offers. It doesn't have any customization options, but you wouldn't really need them since the layout is quite intuitive.

It automatically detects physical drives on your computer and displays them on a list on the side of the screen. It also shows you information on the drives, like the cylinders, heads, sectors, bytes, capacity and more.

You can have the application scan the entire disk or only a certain partition. It lets you adjust the start and end section in MB. You can view sections in a different section, simply provide the sector number and check which section is damaged and could potentially be recovered.

It comes with the option to preview partitions, view clones and rebuild data on your disk. It recognizes FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HPFS file systems, and it can recover partitions with these types.

The "Clone" function is needed when portion sectors of the lost partition have been allocated to existing partitions. So you must move lost partition to other place if you don't want to delete these existing partitions.

All in all, Partition Recovery is a very useful and simple application that you could use in order to recover lost data on your computer.