Parts Tracker is a computer-based inventory management system designed specifically for use in the maintenance division of Tenpin Bowling Centres.

It covers ordering, stock tracking, financial tracking (accounts/budgets), maintenance tracking, and trouble calls (stops).Parts Tracker is a software that allows you to manage and maintenance the Bowling Centers.

Here are some key features of "Parts Tracker":

■ Editable parts list

■ Easy order form creation with print, fax or email

■ Stock movement tracking: ordering, ins/outs, borrowing, stock card facility, bin list creation, stock usage reports, stock value reports

■ Backorder tracking and reminders

■ Ordering suggestions based on current vs. preferred stock levels

■ Financial tracking: accounts, budgets, spending

■ Miscellaneous spending and account transactions (such as non-catalogue items)

■ Maintenance tracking: service logging, service checklist creation, last-serviced reporting

■ Trouble call tracking (stops): recording of calls/stops per week, per call type, per machine; graphs: calls per week, per type, per machine, frames-per-stop, prior year comparison

■ System security: usernames and passwords, privilege based access to specific functionality.


■ 30 day trial.

What's New in This Release:

■ Order date is no longer missing from the order print out.

■ Due to a Microsoft Access bug, Parts Tracker was always using the dollar symbol instead of using the user's Windows currency settings (found in Control Panel, Regional Settings). This has been fixed - Parts Tracker now shows the currency format according to the regional settings.

■ Windows XP/2000 'limited account' issue: Lots of error messages would be displayed (e.g. reporting that the log file could not be written) if the user did not have permission to write to the Parts Tracker Program Files folder (as is the case by default under Windows XP/2000 with a restricted user account). The workaround was to get the admin user to set the permissions on the Parts Tracker folder. The Parts Tracker installer has been modified to grant these permissions automatically when installing Parts Tracker.

■ Windows XP/2000 'limited account' issue: an error was occurring ("...DLL returned 5...") when Parts Tracker started up. This was due to Parts Tracker attempting to write to the Windows registry, and would fail in Windows XP and 2000 if a non-administrator user was logged in. This no longer occurs (PT now does not write to the registry for a non-admin user, as it was a redundant step anyway).

■ Windows XP/2000 'limited account' issue: previsouly Parts Tracker would think it was not registered everytime a non-administrator user used it - this has been fixed. Parts Tracker can now only be registered when an Administrator of the machine is logged into Windows, and the licence check is now not sensitive to Windows security.


■ To run Parts Tracker, you need to have Microsoft® Access 2000 installed (or the Microsoft Access Runtime Library).