Nowadays, you might have an online account for each service you are using, no matter if we are talking about entertainment, healthcare, education, bills or many more.

The most convenient way to keep track of all these accounts and their corresponding passwords is to rely on a dedicated software utility, such as Passwarden.

This application can only be downloaded and installed from Microsoft Store, so you need to have the latest Windows iteration in order to enjoy it.

As soon as the installation is complete, you need to enter the Master Password - it will be required every time you want to access Passwarden, so make sure you keep it safe. Also, this password needs to meet specific criteria to ensure it is strong and cannot be broken.

A special function is the Duress password, as it displays only some user-defined vaults when it is used to login into the app.

Passwarden can be used to protect a wide range of data, such as online credentials, email accounts, software licenses, WiFi keys, contacts, as well as credit/debit cards, driver's licenses, ID cards, passports, social security numbers.

These entries are grouped in relevant categories, such as Secure Notes, Payments, or Personal Info. This can help you quickly locate a certain entry without hassle.

If you have previously added some password information to a third-party application, Passwarden allows you to import all details.

More specifically, you can import data from browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge), or other password managers (LastPass, 1Password or Dashlane).

In a nutshell, Passwarden can provide you with a user-friendly solution to organizing and generating strong passwords. The Duress password can also come in handy when you want to hide some data from other people.