Everyone has felt the struggle to remember a long password for an account they don’t use on a regular basis. If, after many attempts, you still seem to be unable to get it back, it is perhaps time you turned to a dedicated software solution.

Password Armor is an application that can lend you a hand since it can retrieve any password, be it for your social media or email account, Windows administration, and whatnot.

First of all, let’s take a look at the program’s user interface, which looks pretty intuitive and requires little time to get accustomed to, no matter how skilled you are from a technical point of view.

As such, you simply need to run the software utility, wait for a couple of seconds, and then take a look at the main window, where all your passwords are listed alphabetically.

Each account is displayed along with the username and the corresponding password, which, by default, is hidden. You need to manually reveal each password, and removing it from the list is also possible. What’s more, exporting your passwords to a CSV file can be done.

Regarding the types of credentials the piece of software can retrieve, it should be pointed out that it can handle any forgotten passwords, regardless of whether they are associated with an email or social media account, Windows administration, or cloud.

Users may also want to know that adding credentials manually is possible in case the program fails to retrieve the correct data, so you could also use it as a password manager.

On an ending note, Password Armor is an easy-to-use program you could turn to in order to regain control of old accounts whose passwords you cannot remember. It stores all your sensitive data in an encrypted environment, requires little trial and error in order to enjoy its capabilities, so you could take it for a spin.