Managing sensitive information requires a lot of attention from all parties involved, and when deciding to entrust a software utility with all your accounts and their corresponding passwords, you need to make sure that the said tool is not only powerful enough but also reliable.

An application such as Password Boss is here to bank on precisely this segment, trying to offer you a secure and neatly organized environment to store all your passwords.

Boasting an elegant GUI, the program first requires that you create an account using your email address in order to sync your data across all devices and prevent unauthorized access to your info.

Using the options listed on the left side of the main window, you can easily add passwords that you can group based on their nature: website, app, database, instant messenger, WiFi, and others. The info you associate with each account is quite comprehensive, ranging from URL and name to folder, username, and password, and others.

Besides, you can save personal info such as bank accounts, as well as create secure note. Not that you can assign multiple identities to your sensitive data so that you save time when filling forms and working with checkouts.

In case you don’t want to add passwords manually, you can ask the app to import them from your browsers or a file.

But what is really great about this program is that it puts a lot of emphasis on the flexibility of your stored data, allowing you, for instance, to share items with friends.

What’s more, in case of emergency, the program allows a person you indicate to access your data. To be more precise, you can set an interval during which you can decline said users’ request to access your account, but once the said period has expired, the road is clear for them.

2-step verification as well as other security measures can also be applied, so you can rest assured all the details you feed the app are protected.

All in all, Password Boss is a handy piece of software providing you with lots of techniques to protect your personal information. It offers a secure storage environment, and navigation throughout the interface is hassle-free, what with its intuitive looks.