Handling lots of credentials can be a strenuous activity for your mind, especially if you're one of the cautious ones who never use the same password for multiple accounts.

Instead of beating your head over forgetting a username or a password, you can turn to specialized third-party software solutions such as Password Master that can simplify your life by remembering such data for you.

This application creates micro-database files on your computer that can contain several usernames, passwords, and other specific information such as program paths, websites or notes. Passwords can also be generated from within the application, whenever you're adding a new entry or editing an existing one.

After you create the database file on your PC, you can start adding your credentials to the list by simply double-clicking anywhere in the designated section. Adding an entry lets you include a description, a username, a password, a program path or URL and additional information.

Navigating to the "File" menu and clicking the "Preferences" button lets you access the "Password Master Settings" window, where you can customize a bunch of parameters according to your will.

For instance, you can set the app to run at startup, open the last used profile whenever you launch it, copy passwords to clipboard when you try to access a URL, clear the clipboard upon exiting the app, set a password to protect the app and configure hotkeys. One other important feature is that you can register the file type used for the databases mentioned above so that you can access them by merely double-clicking the desired files from within Windows Explorer.

In conclusion, Password Master is a reliable application that can be used to store various credentials on your computer and access them again later without significant efforts.

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