Password Protect Video Master is a piece of software that can be used in order to help individuals protect their movies by disabling capture and by inputting a custom passkey.

Surprisingly enough, this utility is portable, which means that the installation process can be bypassed. If you copy the program files to a removable device, you make it possible to run it on any machine you can connect to, by simply double-clicking the executable.

Some other important aspects are that Password Protect Video Master is not going to create and add new files or other items to the hard drive or the Windows registry, without your permission, and no traces will be left behind after its removal.

This software application enables you to upload a long list of formats (e.g. 3GP, AVI, WEBM, MPG, MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV etc.) only with the help of a incorporated file browser, as the “drag and drop” function is not supported.

You can add a video icon from the hard drive (ICO) and up to five posters (PNG, BMP, JPG), as well as a password authentication dialog with information such as machine ID, playback passkey, encryption key caption and a website, e-mail address or phone number at which you can be reached in order to obtain the passcode.

It is also possible to disable capture, lock keyboard when the video is playing, disable playback protection in a virtual machine environment, create a process block list and input a message to be displayed when suspicious activities are detected.

Aside from that, you can specify the total number of times the clip can be viewed, the date at which the protection expires, apply a watermark and convert video to EXE.

In conclusion, Password Protect Video Master is a well-rounded piece of software, and a good choice for people interested in protecting their movies. The system’s performance is not going to be hampered, the interface is intuitive and there are sufficient options to keep you tweaking for quite a while.