Password store manager comes across as a simple way of keeping your passwords stored in one place using an encryption-based approach in order to prevent unauthorized access.

It is suited especially for managing credentials for online accounts and targets both beginner and professional users, as it is simple to work with.

Relying on a short and effortless installation process, Password store manager quickly accommodates on your system and creates a desktop shortcut for easy access.

The first time you run it, it will ask of you to define an administrator password which will be required every time you access the database. This is a widely accepted prevention method (used by several password managers) that will keep prying eyes at bay.

Adding a new record to the database is very simple, made possible through an intuitive dialog that requires you to enter a short description, the user name, password, web link and category of the current entry.

This dialog also hosts a password generator that can produce complex passphrases out of digits, upper case and lower case characters, as well as special symbols.

All of the records will be listed neatly in the main window of the program, from where you can copy user names and passwords to the clipboard or to navigate to the website associated with any entry.

However, as opposed to numerous password managers, this one does not include an autocomplete feature that could greatly ease user efforts, as they would no longer have to perform copy / paste operations by hand.

To conclude, Password store manager could use improvements in many aspects. A more appealing interface, together with autocomplete options and the possibility to store other types of identities (such as credit card details) are definitely a must in today’s competitive market.