If your work implies administrating a system or a server, you probably understand the importance of file scanners and how can they improve your productivity and simplify your job.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of software solutions that can help you in the above situation by providing you with reliable features. One of these utilities is Path Scanner.

Please be aware that this program requires .NET Framework on your computer in order to run properly.

This program can be only executed through Windows' Command Prompt utility. Therefore, it lacks a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which might disconcert some users.

Given that its functions are rather technical, you need to have medium to advanced PC skills to understand and benefit from Path Scanner's capabilities in an efficient manner. The lack of any form of local help documentation makes it even more difficult for novices to use this application.

You can rely on this utility if you need to identify long file paths, whether they are on your computer or your server machine, in an efficient manner. It packs six switches that you can configure and include in your queries, thus providing you with more control over the process.

In order to successfully run this tool, it is mandatory that you include the Input and Length arguments since the former sets the desired scan location while the latter filters out results that are under the specified threshold.

Additionally, this application logs the results in XML and CSV files that are exported to your computer, for future reference, safe storage or printing purposes. It is possible to choose the names and paths of the logfiles by including the Name and Output arguments when executing the program.

To wrap it up, Path Scanner is a command line application that can help you identify long file paths on your computer or server in an efficient manner and store the results on your PC. It does not feature a GUI and its functions are quite technical, thus making it difficult for PC novices to access its features in a convenient manner.