PC Atomic Sync synchronizes your computer clock by the most reliable and resource saving way.

No boring process, high reliable and minimum user attention are main features of this program. Your PC clock needs only a few corrections per month.

The program woks so it starts when you load your system and exits immediately if synchronization already occured. Otherwise it checks for an Internet connection, tries to synchronize the time and exits after synchronizing.

The synchronization takes place in auto mode while you are checking mail or reading a Web page. The program uses a very reliable time source, the Time Service Department of U.S. Naval Observatory.

It is official Source of Time for the Department of Defense and serves as the standard of time for the United States.

Unique features include Devid's Time Offset option, which lets you set your PC clock little ahead or backwards.

PC Atomic Sync uses the list of 19 presetting atomic time servers, that are situated all over the world (USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany etc.). They are open NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers.

If one of the servers does not work the program chooses another. There is a procedure that tests all servers and shows network delays for them. User can add additional servers to the list.

It is really important only for professional users. Any server allows you synchronize your computer with precision less then 0.1 sec with high probability.

Here are some key features of "PC Atomic Sync":

■ Synchronizing PC clock with atomic clock using official Sources of Time for the United States and other countries.

■ Standard NTP synchronizing protocol.

■ 19 presetting time servers.

■ Server adding/deleting possibility.

■ Manual and automatic daily synchronization.

■ Current System Date control and correction.

■ Net response delay correction.

■ Control of synchronization quality.

■ Time Offset feature: make your clock to gain or lose the way you want.

■ Minimal usage of PC's resources.


■ 30 days trial