Keeping track of files stored onto a mobile phone, especially in the case of older devices, requires a specialized software that can connect the terminal with a computer for a more easy administration of the contained data.

Insofar as the Symbian powered Sony Ericsson smartphones released over a decade ago, one of the most coveted applications was PC File Manager for Sony Ericsson P9xx.

With a clean interface, bent exclusively on functionality at the expense of good looks, this program is compatible with several devices from another world-renowned brand, namely Nokia.

A drawback of this software is its inability to function properly in the absence of the PC suite that is especially tailored for the target phone. As soon as that app is installed, PC File Manager for Sony Ericsson P9xx can be put to work.

Through an easy to use GUI users can browse, view and modify files as well as perform a variety of operations like copy, cut and paste between the mobile terminal and the computer it is connected with.

The software will also make it possible for any user to modify directories, rename or delete them. Viewing detailed information regarding files, folders and drives can also be done from the main window of PC File Manager for Sony Ericsson P9xx.

All the transferring operations that are required can be carried out using the drag and drop method both ways: from the PC into the phone and from the mobile device into the computer.

Since it targets a very limited number of models, PC File Manager for Sony Ericsson P9xx is a highly specialized software solution that with the passing of the years it is drawing closer and closer to being deemed as obsolete.