PC File Tracker is able to find malware that regular antivirus and anti-spyware program don't find, and it may be used to rename the malware.

It creates a report file and groups in it program files, e.g., .EXE and .BAT files, making it easier to find information about them (such files might be virus or spyware files).

PC File Tracker also finds newly created, modified, and renamed files, and determines the current location of moved files and the previous location of moved or deleted files, helping with file and folder management, e.g., it can track files and folders that software programs add to computer disks, and by creating text files that contain information about files and folders that are on fixed (hard) disks, floppy disks, or CD's, it helps with organizing disk files.

PC File Tracker may also be used as a computer system or program troubleshooting tool, because it may help find unexpected or modified files that are causing problems, or information about required files that were deleted.