Nowadays, keeping in touch with your friends can be accomplished easily, since there are numerous software solutions that can help you do so.

For instance, you can use PC Intercom if you find yourself in the situation above and need a quick solution.

Please note that this program requires you to have an Internet connection, a microphone, a sound card and speakers in order to provide you with its full range of capabilities.

Setting up this program on your computer is a fairly easy task, as you are only required to define the destination path and follow the on-screen instructions. No additional configuration is required during installation.

The application's straightforward, user-friendly interface, along with its intuitive functions, make it highly accessible to a large number of users, regardless of their computer skills.

PC Intercom enables you to keep in touch with others by providing you a quick, hassle-free way of doing so. The concept behind this application revolves around the push-and-talk method, similar to intercom devices.

Therefore, whenever you need to send an audio message to your contacts, you just need to push the dedicated button, speak and release it after you are done.

This program also provides you with a standard configuration menu, where you can adjust various parameters related to both its functionality and interface.

For instance, it is possible to choose your default microphone device to use within the application, toggle troubleshooting logfile generation, select your favorite network adapter and also enable the “Minimize to tray” option.

To wrap it up, PC Intercom is a lightweight program that enables you to keep in touch with your contacts in a quick, efficient way, by providing you with intercom-like controls based on push-and-talk. Its interface is highly simplistic and the features it encompasses are unsophisticated, thus accessible to a wide range of computer users.