When it comes to multimedia items, a computer is a powerful multifunctional tool capable of recording, processing, and even creating audio, and video files. Practicality stretches beyond, as specialized applications like PC MP3 Text To Speech allow you to convert text strings into audio, record, and save to file.

Accommodation is among the last things you need to worry about, although the application comes with quite the variety of features. These are accessed from dedicated panels, and use their own windows, but you can’t work with more components at a time, such as a recorder, processor, or converter.

You start off in the audio player, from where you can either access other tools of interest, or load audio files for inspection, playback, or editing. File support isn’t abundant, but you do get to work with some popular formats like MP3, WAV, and WMA. There’s the possibility to load more files and arrange them, but with no option to generate a playlist.

The tools section provides quick access to several utilities such as the converter, analyser, recorder, CD maker, text to speech, and notes. You can work with only one item at a time, and some can even be triggered directly on an audio file, such as the editor, or analyser.

For the text to speech tool, you need to either manually write text strings, or paste it from clipboard, since there aren’t any import options. Voice can be changed depending on the ones installed on your computer, with related sliders for volume, and rate. You can export as audio file, with options to thoroughly modify quality.

Recording can be done from a connected microphone, unless you manually switch to speaker sound from system settings. Multiple audio formats are available for export, each with corresponding quality settings. There’s no scheduler, but you can have the computer turned off when recording is done.

The audio analyser and editor is a bit shallow in variety of options. Waveform is generated when opened, with multiple related file details shown, like sample, bits, channels. You can zoom in or out for a better view, and initiate playback. There aren’t any effects to add, with the only possible operation being to export a custom selection from the file.

All things considered, we can say that PC MP3 Text To Speech is a decent audio processor, which comes with a variety of tools to capture, analyze, convert, and export audio strings. It could have used import options for the text to speech component, and more variety of effects and options in the editor, but is sure to be worth your while overall.