PC Tune-Up Tools is a compact software application that comes bundled with several system tweaking tools for helping you improve your PC performance, protect your online privacy, fix registry issues, as well as encrypt sensitive data.

It sports a clean and straightforward layout that enables you scan the computer for registry errors, such as invalid entries, missing icons, fonts, MRU reference, and startup items, DLL issues, empty keys, and other problems.

The scanning procedure doesn’t take too much time but this pretty much depends on the size of your registry files. At the end of the task, you are offered details about the total number of errors and registry health status.

Additionally, you are allowed to manually select the errors that you want to repair or fix them all with just one click.

Changing registry entries may prove to be a daunting task, as you may end up with more system problems caused by different malfunctions or incompatibilities. The tool lets you create backups for making sure you can restore your important data.

Not only does the program feature cleaning capabilities for the registry entries, but it also lets you search for and delete empty files and directories from your hard drive, and manage Windows startup items.

When it comes to protecting your sensitive data from malicious programs or unauthorized users, you are allowed to delete Internet tracking data (e.g. browsing history, cache, cookies, stored passwords) for IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, as well as Windows temporary files, cookies, recent documents, and other information.

What’s more, the utility bundles a file shredding option for permanently removing items from your computer, and enables you to uninstall tools.

PC Tune-Up Tools allows you to lock your screen, encrypt data by setting up passwords, as well as view a list with all processes that are currently running on the system and kill the selected one. You can also gather information about each process, such as name, PID, file path, memory usage, threads, and creation time and date.

Last but not least, you can delete data stored within the Prefetch folder, and perform a quick cleaning operation for wiping out Internet tracks, system restore points, and Prefetch items.

All in all, PC Tune-Up Tools proves to be a reliable application that bundles a complete suite of tools for helping you boost the overall performance of the computer and protect important information. The intuitive layout is the ace up its sleeve, as it can be mastered by rookies and professionals alike.