PC Vaccine backs your data up by creating scheduled images of your hard disk in less than 3 minutes. If your computer fails to boot your Windows operating system, PC Vaccine will load up and restore all your data (including your operating system) in less than 10 minutes. Considering the fact that PC Vaccine Personal will only require about 1/10th of your HDD space, there is no valid reason for not protecting your data.

Types of backups:

Keep yourself protected and be ready in the event of system failure. Data recovery is fast and easy with PC Vaccine's System Snapshot.

PC Vaccine allows automatic file version backup. Earlier versions of files are saved to enable fast recovery from accidental deletion of files.

Saved disk images can be quickly updated to keep data current.

Backup to virtually any storage device including CD/DVD, USB Drive and LAN.

Safeguard your data from unauthorized access by using password protection.

Boots up your PC even when operating system has crashed.

Here are some key features of "PC Vaccine Personal":

■ Hard Drive Imaging: Quickly back up or restore a system, or transfer a system image to a new hard drive.

■ Complete External Backup: Store a complete system image on a USB hard drive, network share, or use the built-in CD/DVD burner to create an exact copy of your hard drive on disc.

■ Easy Disk Image Updates: Incremental Backup lets you quickly update your saved disk image without ever leaving Windows.

■ Flexible Backup: Back up your hard drive to another local hard drive, network drive, a USB device, or to CD/DVD media. Clone hard drives that are different in size, format, or brand.

■ Rapid, Controlled Recovery: Supports UDMA1-5 and can restore data in sectors.

■ Hardware Support: Supports IDE, EIDE, SATA, and SCSI hard drives and hardware RAID 0/1.

■ 100% protection: Restore an operating system damaged by corrupt software, human error, a virus attack, or a software bug.

■ Universal Restore: Restore a complete system image of a particular configuration to different hardware or a Virtual Machine.

■ Password Protection: Restrict user access to PC Vaccine Personal; lock your computer at the DOS level.

■ Unlimited System Snapshots: Create multiple System Snapshots, limited only by the hard drive space you allocate for PC Vaccine Personal's Secure Area.

■ Resize Secure Area: Allocate more space to store Snapshots without reinstalling the application.


■ CPU: Pentium or higher

■ RAM: 512 MB or more (1 GB or more for Vista)

■ Hard Drive: 250 MB free space


■ Free 1-month trial (30 days), but upon expiry, program only work partially. PC Vaccine will however still create snapshots of your HDD as on designated time intervals. If operating system fails, snapshot can recover data so long as a valid username/ password is entered. If the subscription happens to be expired, the user is advised to pay for the service in order to execute data recovery.

■ Nag screen