PCDJ DEX LE is an application build on the DEX 3 technology that allows you to mix music with precision and without too much hassle.

Similarly to the full version, the application includes all the essential utensils you need to create and edit your tracks. To be more precise, you can use functions such as pitch-bend, quantized automatic looping, beat-sync and other effects to enhance and mix your favorite tracks.

In addition, the program allows you to quickly connect to Pulselocker, an extensive library that includes over 44 million tracks from all the genre and more or less known labels. Consequentially, if you are not feeling very inspired, then you can browse the song streaming service to search for new music and download the ones you like. On a side note, once you download the tracks, you can play and mix the sets in offline mode.

It is important to note that there are several differences between this tool and PCDJ DEX, namely that the first lacks the sample player as well as the built-in effects. Therefore, you are not able to further tweak your tracks by applying reverb, phaser, flanger, auto-pan, echo or delay. The highlight of the full version consists of the fact that you can use the aforementioned effects individually or layers in order to create new sounds.

In addition, the utility does not allow you to capture video mixes in HD with zero loss quality, so you cannot save or stream your project via the Internet. You should know that although it lacks these features, you can still mix your music using one of the 75 supported controllers and playback the tracks with zero-latency.

In the eventuality that you are just getting started with mixing music and would like to hone your skills using an extensive library that features over 44 million songs, then perhaps PCDJ DEX LE could come in handy.