Sooner or late everyone starts singing at a party where the music gives you the chills. There are also sessions and contests for individuals or groups which consider their voice is worth being considered majestic. With a computer at hand equipped with applications like PCDJ Karaoki you can easily set up a karaoke session to spice up every party.

In terms of visuals, the application is pretty well-designed and intuitive and shouldn't pose any accommodation problems. What's more, accessing the options menu gives you the possibility to pick a different skin or color theme to make it suit your style.

Moving on to functionality, the main window is equipped with a media player with basic controls, as well as a few more sliders in order to adjust pitch and tempo. There's also a preview section to get a glimpse of the lyrics, with the possibility to bring up an additional screen that you can move to an extra monitor, allowing you to handle controls while guests only pay attention to the lyrics.

The rest of your workspace is filled with several panels that let you customize multiple playlists, add songs and create queues to make the process smooth and easy. Amongst the supported file formats, you are free to import some of the most popular audio files like MP3, WAV, videos such as MP4, MPG, WMV, but also specialized karaoke files like MP3+G, WAV+G.

Adding files can either be done by scanning a target directory or manually adding each track. Doing so also enables you to edit song details so they appear better organized in the playlist, which enlists files along with corresponding attributes.

The application is not only designed to make home parties better, but can also be used in professional environments. The configuration menu gives you the possibility to connect a remote request station by providing port and IP address. Moreover, several output options let you set buffer size, device used, as well as speaker assignment for complex sound system configurations.

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that PCDJ Karaoki is not your average karaoke player application and attempts to enhance both home and theme-specific parties or events. You quickly get acquainted thanks to the clever design, with the amount and diversity of supported file formats decreasing possible compatibility issues with file formats, letting you play and manage various files.