Mixing music tracks is certainly a lot of fun and things can only get better when a set of befitting utilities are at the DJ's fingertips. For amateurs, hobbyists and even professionals a tool like PCDJ Red Mobile can make the difference between a good mix and a great one.

This software comes with a pleasant user interface, it is packed with tools and will prove quite easy to use for beginners. A neat feature that is not too common among the programs of this type is the support for karaoke sessions, which PCDJ Red Mobile handles very well.

The generous space allocated for the songs and the file browser will make it possible for anyone to easily find the tunes to be played. The built-in equalizer, loop creation and beat matching functions are most welcomed to help the DJ and ease his job.

Some adjustments are also available for high, mid and low frequencies, so by using the corresponding knobs, the audio quality can be improved. Another handy characteristic of this virtual mixer is the ability to preview a selected track, juts like when using a real mixing console.

For those who need to mix to tracks quickly and easily, the 'MIXNOW' feature is provided and with a single click anyone can have two songs combined seamlessly into a proper sounding mix. This particular function takes scare of the crossfading, so the transition will be really smooth.

Anyone who wants to save a mixing session can enjoy the special recording feature that PCDJ Red Mobile comes with. The supported audio formats for output are MP3, WAV, and AIFF.

Thanks to its great GUI and easy to use tools it is equipped with, this application is indeed one of the smartest choices in its category, especially since all user types can put it to good use.