PCVice is a parental control application that gives you the possibility to create a scheduler, in order to allow or deny the runtime of other programs.

It's wrapped in an intuitive interface and features advanced and explained options which can be configured even by users less experienced with such software.

Setting it up doesn't take long, since there are no special options. However, you must have .NET Framework installed. Administrative rights are required to avoid startup errors. You can get started by entering and confirming a password for the product, in order to prevent other PC users from accessing it.

The user-friendly interface is represented by a large window with a neatly structured layout, where you can add as many programs as you want to the scheduler. This can be done by either browsing the disk for an app's .exe file, or by running an app and triggering a hotkey to call PCView.

It's possible to set a display name and comment for the program. When it comes to the scheduler, you can instruct the tool to allow or prevent it from running, set up the start and end time, as well as indicate the days of the week to apply settings for.

Worth noting is that you can set up multiple schedulers with different settings for the same tool. Just make sure that the access types don't conflict, depending on the scheduled times.

The properties of programs and schedulers can be edited anytime. Moreover, you can change PCVice's password as well as turn the monitor on and off with one click.

We haven't come across any stability issues in our testing, since the utility didn't freeze, crash or show errors. System resources consumption was minimal.

To sum it up, PCVice comes in handy to parents looking to prevent game access during homework or bedtime, as well as to allow chats only during the weekends, for example.