If you are looking for a PDF utility letting you not only view your documents but also make all sorts of adjustments, taking PDF Assistant PRO for Windows 10 for a spin might find you a new companion.

Just as its name suggests, PDF Assistant PRO is a Store app addressed at Windows 10 users and coming up with a nice set of tools enabling you to make annotations, highlight text, as well as draw in your PDF.

First off, it is worth mentioning that, once you open the program, you are prompted with an appealing design that makes the GUI easy to navigate.

After you have indicated the PDF file you want to work with using the “Open” button, exploring the editing tools in the top-right corner is the next step you need to take.

While the feature pack may not be impressive, it does provide you with all that might be necessary whenever trying to make small modifications to your documents.

You can thus make annotations and draw in the PDF, with the possibility of indicating the color of your pen. You can insert rectangles, with the option to select their thickness, while also having close at hand an eraser.

Copying text to clipboard can be easily done, not to mention that you can also resort to several markup tools to highlight, underline, or strike out words or paragraphs.

Needless to say, saving all the changes you have applied is one click away, so you should have your projects complete in an instant.

On an ending note, PDF Assistant Pro for Windows 10 is an approachable piece of software that lets you comfortably interact with your PDFs. Considering that it ran flawlessly during our tests and that all its capabilities can be easily explored, we recommend it as a reliable solution in its category.