PDF Candy Desktop is a comprehensive and versatile tool that enables you to convert, split, merge, extract images or unlock PDF documents in just a few clicks.

The application comes with a sleek, modern and stylish interface that is designed as a dashboard and hence, you can access the exact feature you are interested in more conveniently. As you would expect, the larger panel on the right is the actual workspace where you can make all the changes and enable various settings before processing the documents.

The program acts as a converter and hence, you can process PDFs to DOC, BMP, PNG, TIFF, ODT, EPS, HTML, GIF or WMF. Alternatively, if you are working with other types of files, such as documents, HTML, EPUB or images, then you can convert them to PDF. For the later option, you should bear in mind that you can alter the filename, title, add a password and modify the layout settings (change the image size, margin, orientation, or position, for example).

In addition to conversion, the application allows you to perform other file management tasks as well. Consequentially, you can change the metadata and edit the permissions so that the document you are sharing with dozens of people is not modified, for instance. At the same time, you can extract relevant content, be it images or text, from the files.

Other noteworthy functions include splitting large PDF files or merging smaller ones that you perhaps obtained from various sources, but that have the same topic. In addition, you can access documents that are commonly protected by a password.

In the eventuality that you are working with dozens of documents every day that you need to share with various users, then PDF Candy Desktop enables you to do all the standard file management tasks without too much hassle.

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