If you're always on the go and don't have time to waste on scanning documents with an actual scanner, this application is the next best thing. PDF Document Scanner is an application that aims to help you scan and immediately send documents, all of this from the comfort of the same app menu. It's easy, and it's equally convenient. Scanning documents will become a leisure activity with this program.

It's quite simple. Once you load the app, your next move is to select the source of the scan. It can be a photo or image file on your computer, or you could directly capture a photo with a mobile device or webcam. Either will work wonders. It's quite easy to get a scan loaded into the app, and the options you gain access to afterwards make your job much easier.

An interesting aspect is also the fact that your scans can directly be sent to people of interest. You can save your documents to the cloud as well, and, finally, you can save your document in the PDF format. You have plenty of options after you manage to scan a document. All you have to do at this point is decide what your next move will be.

The application works like magic. There are no stutters, and errors are something you will not encounter while using this app. It will definitely make life easier for you. It's useful, and it will definitely prove its worth once you get the chance to use it.

PDF Document Scanner is an application that should not be missed if you have plenty of documents to scan and not that much time to actually do it with a normal scanner. It's fast and almost as reliable as the hardware variant would be. Furthermore, this application has a couple of added features that you would not get otherwise with normal scanning equipment.