The PDF format has its well-known perks, and one of the most important ones is related to its compatibility with any operating system. The popularity of PDF documents determines more and more users to find PDF editing and manipulation tools to handle this type of document. If on the search for a PDF joiner, one option is PDF MERGE PRO.

This particular application comes with a simple interface and easy-to-use controls, which makes it comfortable for anyone to use it, regardless of previous computer-related experience.

The main window is mostly occupied by the list of files to merge, which can be populated with minimum effort, considering that drag and drop actions are supported. The order of the documents can be easily changed, and certain PDF documents can be removed if added by mistake.

Additionally, PDF MERGE PRO detects password-protected documents and prompts the user to enter the security key before proceeding.

There are just a few more settings you have to pay attention to before joining the files. PDF MERGE PRO enables you to customize the name of the output document and modify the destination directory.

For security purposes, you can assign a user password to the output, and set access restrictions, which are also password-protected. As such, you can disable extractions and comments, printing, copying, document modifications, or form filling in the resulting file.

PDF MERGE PRO is undoubtedly very easy to use and does its job as promised. You can use it to combine as many PDF files as you want, creating a single document to hold the content of many, all in just a few seconds, without a lot of hassle.

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