If your daily work includes handling several PDF files, you probably wished for an easy and convenient method of merging multiple files into a single one. One way of easily achieving it is by using third-party specialized software, such as PDF Merger.

This application comes with a sleek layout that encompasses simple functions, therefore you can understand and fully benefit from it with a minimum of both effort and PC knowledge.

Its interface displays large buttons with easy to read captions, thus providing you with increased accessibility in case you have eye-sight issues.

You can choose to either run this utility by displaying its main window or giving it a task and letting it quietly run it while being minimized to tray.

PDF Merger allows you to queue multiple items in a list, specify the output directory, type a name and easily merge the files into a single one. You can either add the desired documents one by one or add an entire folder and remove unwanted items on the go.

It is possible to change the order of your entries after you populate the list, so the resulting document displays them according to your preferences.

PDF Merger also provides support for password-encrypted PDFs, but you need to type the password in the configuration window before adding them to the list.

As it is a simple PDF file concatenation utility, this program does not provide you with a wide range of customization options. Among parameters that can be modified, you can adjust exit behavior settings (e.g. minimizing the application to tray, closing the window without additional messages), default output folder and a shutdown timer.

To sum it up, PDF Merger is a simple application that does exactly what it was designed for and can prove to be a valuable tool if you are looking for a fast and easy way to concatenate multiple PDFs into a single one.