PDF Password Remover Portable is a lightweight and user-friendly software utility that enables you to get rid of all your PDF passwords with just one move, so you can work with the document however you need.

PDF passwords are often difficult to bypass and can cause you all sorts of trouble, as they block all actions, like 'Edit', 'Print' or even 'Copy', which prevent you from doing your job.

For smaller documents, a password-protected PDF might not necessarily be a problem, as you can easily copy the contents of the file by hand and work with them. However, in the case of extensive files, this is no longer an option, meaning you need to resort to other methods of gaining access to the PDF.

PDF Password Remover Portable is very basic and straight-forward, featuring a single window where 'it all happens'. You do not need to be an expert in decrypting passwords, as you will not be required to input anything other than the source document. This can be done by drag and dropping it onto the window of PDF Password Remover Portable, or you can click on the window and it will allow you to browse for your file and load it into the application. While it does not allow you to preview the file, within moments, it is processed and exported to the chosen save location.

You can take PDF Password Remover Portable with you on a removable media drive and run it on any computer you want, as it does not require an installation process. Additionally, it does not create any registry entries to clutter your system and you can remove it just by deleting the containing folder.

To conclude, PDF Password Remover Portable is helpful program that can assist you in gaining access to your PDFs, by removing the owner password and other imposed restrictions, enabling you to work with the files however you want.