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Documents come under different file formats, each encoding characters, and styles in a different way. A particular type, namely PDF is commonly used for its security options, which also makes these types of file difficult to edit. However, with PDF to HTML you can easily convert them to a more suitable format, which you can also include in your website.

You might not even realize when the application is done installing, especially if you choose to run it right afterwards. This is because of the whole wizard-driven operation, which isn’t an issue at all, but rather helps individuals of all levels of experience get the hang of things in the blink of an eye, with thorough descriptions so you don’t get stuck along the way.

Sadly, you can’t initiate the process from the context menu of a PDF file, and neither can you drop the target item over the main window to load it faster, but the browse dialog isn’t that difficult to use. Moreover, you need to take your time when processing more files, because the application only allows one file to be converted at a time.

Apart from the load dialog, the first step also provides a dedicated field for a password, in case the PDF document in question is secured. The save path is the same as the source by default, but this can easily be changed through a corresponding dialog box, or pasting the appropriate path in the given field.

The second, and last step before conversion offers the possibility to select a custom page range to be converted, instead of the entire document. In addition, you can choose the output to be a single HTML file, whether or not to convert PDF drawing, or pictures bundled inside. It doesn’t take long for the process to finish, and you’re also offered to have it opened in the default viewer.

Bottom line is that with most activities available on the web, PDF to HTML wants to help you easily integrate special types of documents in your website. The wizard-driven configuration is incredibly helpful to newcomers, and even though you can only process one file at a time, the general set of features makes you quickly overlook this minor inconvenience.