When editing PDF files, you sometimes need to extract specific content from the documents, such as text or images. While many dedicated PDF readers feature integrated image extraction abilities, usually there are limitations regarding file types.

If you need a quick way to extract pictures from your documents, you can use specialized software, such as PDF to Image.

PDF to Image is a lightweight application that comes with a simplistic, easy-to-understand layout, thus allowing you to benefit from its functions effortlessly.

This handy utility enables you to extract image content from your PDFs in a convenient manner and convert resulting files to a wide variety of formats, including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PCX and GIF.

More so, it provides support for batch file handling, therefore you can queue multiple files, set required parameters, launch the conversion process and view a notification when the process is completed.

It is possible to set a unique destination folder that resulting items can be transferred to upon extraction or you can keep the original source directory for each document. In addition, the application allows you to customize output entries by defining a prefix that the program can paste into each filename.

You can open files by accessing the dedicated option from the interface or by dragging and dropping the desired content on the main window. This application can extract image files along with text and layout, if such data is included in the original documents.

You can adjust certain attributes for resulted files, including color schemes and resolution. As it is a standalone application, PDF to Image does not depend on any other specialized PDF software (such as Acrobat Reader).

It is possible to personalize this application by adjusting a few settings, such as minimizing the application to tray instead of closing it. You can also toggle the display of notifications when conversion is finished, specify the default output directory and set shutdown timers.

In conclusion, PDF to Image is a simple, basic tool that can extract images from your PDF files in a quick and easy manner. However, you should be aware that it provides you with limited customization possibilities.