Documents saved to the PDF format can contain text, images and other objects. If you are looking for a way to extract text content from these files and save it to TXT documents, you might benefit from using PDF To Text.

It is a simple application that can process any number of PDFs at once, to extract the embedded text and export it to individual TXT files. However, if you need to perform advanced operations, you should try a more complex program.

PDF To Text can convert multiple files at once and save the created documents to a specified folder. You can add any number of items, view the available file information and choose which of them should be processed. The application displays each source file's path, size and creation date.

However, it is not possible to add an entire folder at once or insert items using drag and drop actions. This can make it difficult to import and process a large number of files, especially if they are stored in separate directories.

PDF To Text is a straightforward program that features a very simple user interface. All of its main functions are easily accessible in the main application window and should not pose any problems for novice users.

Visually, the program is not particularly impressive, but some users may prefer its minimalistic appearance.

The application is easy-to-use, but it only offers basic features. For example, you cannot choose which pages from the source document should be converted, modify output layout, change text encoding or insert page breaks.

Additionally, PDF To Text cannot process password-protected files. If you wish to convert secured documents, you first need to decrypt them.

In conclusion, this is a straightforward application, designed to offer a simple method of converting PDF files to TXT. It is easy-to-use and features a minimalistic interface, but lacks any advanced features.